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Our product range is designed for robustness and high quality to give unrivalled equipment uptime in the field. From website to CAD assembly in 30 seconds – we know engineer’s are under pressure to deliver designs.

Standard winch control manifolds – 100 → 1000+lpm

Constant Tension & Render systems

Please contact us for more details

Please contact us @ Sales Team with outline details of your winch and requirements.

Winch Line Out Monitor – Datasheet


0.5litre Compensators

HC-0050-01-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model                                    HC-0050-02-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model

1litre Compensators

HC-0100-01-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model                                    HC-0100-02-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model

2.7litre Compensators

HC-0270-01-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model                                    HC-0270-02-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model

7litre Compensators

HC-0700-01-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model                                   HC-0700-02-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model

13litre Compensators

HC-1350-01-GA – Datasheet & Drawing CAD Model                                   HC-1350-02-GA – Datasheet & Drawing  /  CAD Model

HCU’s can be utilised from our standard range; for specific applications we’ll also custom design to your specification.

Standard range – NG3 & NG6

6 station HCU

12 station HCU

High Flow HCU’s

2 & 4 station

Closed Loop Pump Control HCU’s

Can control 2-6 closed loop pumps and 2 open loop pumps from a single valve tank. Get maximum efficiency and increase your vehicle work rates without more power.

For more details please message us @ Sales Team with details of your requirements and we’ll be back in touch

Choose from a range of standard PCB’s or if it doesn’t exist we can design a custom PCB to suit your application. For more information contact Sales Team

Subsea Encoder (3000m rated)

Subsea Potentiometer (3000m rated)

Subsea Speed Sensors – Interchangeable with Bosch and Poclain equivalents

Temperature and Water Sensor – A1214-GA


Other sensors in development – if you have a specific application please email:

Subsea Electric Winch







Subsea Electric Winch (5Te, 3500m, fully variable speed & CT mode)

Subsea Hydraulic Winch (sizes to suit)

For more details contact:

ROV Skid

ROV Skids – Standard & Bespoke

ROV Jetting Skids

For more details contact:

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